Finishing UFO

Jan 20, 2012

     My New Years resolution is to start a blog about my “No Sewing Until You Quilt It” technique.

     I have also resolved to incorporate 4 traditional hand appliqued blocks into a king size quilt that I will finish with my turned edge, NO Sew method.

     The quilt blocks are from a Mary K. Sorensen 1999 “Simple Gifts” block of the month pattern that I purchased many years ago.  I learned how to do hand applique with these blocks and I am so grateful for that experience, as this was a step in developing my own technique. 

     I build quilts applique style from the background to the foreground on a french fuse foundation, and turn edges with glue stick. There is no sewing until after I make the quilt sandwich, then I will stitch and quilt it at the same time.

"No Sewing Until You Quilt It" Blog

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