King size - Expanded Simple Gifts

Oct 13, 2012

My expanded version of a 1999 Mary Sorensen’s block of the month made it to the Asheville, NC quilt show and then onto our bed!  

Hallelujah! Thankfully, with the help of my fiends:

Helen McCarthy, Julie Bagamary, and most especially, Rachel Smith (23 years old) for their paid assistance beginning in January 2012, it was possible to finish this quilt by September 19th, 2012, deadline for the quilt show.  

Do you remember - 

only 4 hand appliqued blocks where done when we began in earnest in January.  It was completed by my “NO Sewing Until You Quilt It” technique. Many small ”love gifts” of time where given by Julie Bilski, Amy Holmes (my daughter),

Bert Holmes (my husband), and Edna Holmes (my 90 year old mother-in law).

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