Silver metallic decorative stitching

Aug 20, 2013

     While most of the stitching on this quilt is with invisible thread.  I decided that I needed some decorative stitching in this wide boarder around the center medallion. Most of the fabric in the quilt has a lot of pattern - so invisible thread holds the quilt together and gives a nice texture without introducing another pattern.  The wide border of pink is mostly a solid fabric - so I felt the need for more embellishment.

       I drew my design on a thin tracing paper and pinned it to hold it in place on my quilt top. I changed my needle to a # 90 /14 Schmetz Metallic. It did make a difference! Always adjust your tension if needed.  With my Bernina - I thread the eye in the bobbin case.  if you have another machine you will probably have to lower ( reduce the number ) on your top tension.

I stitched right through the tracing paper using a fairly small stitch length.

      Then, I had to pull off the paper; it is not reusable.  So make all the copies you need before stitching.  I had to make 4.

Tear the tracing paper away - ( the thinner the paper the better). I used a tweezer to remove tiny pieces of the paper stuck in the stitching. After the paper was removed; I went over the stitching where I wanted a heavier line. Be careful what you start to add to your quilt!  Now I decided that I need to add a few more touches of silver to my quilt - after all I am calling the quilt, Enchanted Evening.

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