Divide and Conquer

Jan 22, 2014

Organization will be key for conquering this complex design.

My design is oriented in the horizontal position; approximately 100 inches wide by 66 inches long.

I cut the design in half across the width, with an irregular path around the leaf shapes. The plan is to build half this quilt at home and then demo on the 2nd half while vending in the Paducah Quilt Show, April 23-26. This will give me time to test color combinations, and to see what is possible.  To save my sanity, I know now that I will cut each whole leaf unit and place on desired color pile. See photo above, red border on red pile and a leaf to be shades of green- left whole, until I am ready to cut that leaf into many shades of green.

I am hoping that preparing and numbering the design and freezer paper patterns was the most difficult part of this project. 

Now the fun stuff, selection of fabric and building the quilt with a turned edge and “No Sewing Until I quilt It”.

"No Sewing Until You Quilt It" Blog

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