Condensed version of the tessellating leaves quilt.

Apr 8, 2014

Some projects just turn out better than others!  I was so ready to move on from this work.  By making it a smaller quilt I was able to finish it - and I decided to let it have an irregular bottom edge  -like the leaves hanging from a tree...we will see.

Photo on the left shows the quilt top being sandwiched.  I used 505 Spray and Fix.  Photo on the left show the quilt at my Juki sewing machine.  I will be just straight stitching around each piece .  I use a small curved manicure scissors to cut my threads, so I won’t cut my quilt. 

I am working on a new design for my demo in Paducah. I spend about 40 minutes at the machine then get up and work on my drawing.  It is good for your eyes and body to take breaks or change positions.  Happy Quilting.

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