Getting design ready to demo in Paducah

Apr 11, 2014

    “Midnight Passion Flower” ( I think that is what I will call it)

is the theme of a new quilt.  I will build it in 2 sections; the photo above shows the 1st half.  It is always a challenge to figure out my color scheme.  I start with fabric that I like then build around it.  I had fabric that I was saving to make a blouse - I doubted that will ever happen- and some wonderful Carol Bryer Fallert screen Print for Benartex in lovely blues to light green gradients.  I divided that yard of fabric into halves; to save the 2nd half yard for the 2nd half of the quilt.  Then, I dug in my stash for the other colors and a happy find was some fabric that I received from my mother-in-loves much older stash.  It is the light green on the left. It has tiny white flowers that appear like dots.

You can see how I just make piles of folded fabric with the pattern pieces on top to be ironed onto that fabric.

     The design idea came from PrismDesigns 1998 - go to to find wonderful books full of inspirations. In the near future I will blog about the few changes I made to the design. This is the project that I will be demonstrating on in Paducah. I am precutting some fabric now - but will have lots of little buds to demo cutting with my new smaller Magic Button: Magic 2.0 fits an 18 mm rotary cutter for your smaller applique pieces. See you in Paducah.

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