Continuous Bias Binding

Jul 28, 2014

     My “Tessellating Tree Top” quilt will have an irregular bottom edge, so it will require a bias binding.  I always refer to my “Quilter’s Complete Guide” by Fon’s and Porter! Follow their directions carefully. 

One tip I have is that I use different color pin heads opposite each other, an important step.   

     To cut the long diagonal I put 2 rulers together.

Did you know that with a 36 inch square of fabric  -you can make 13 yards of 2 1/4 inch wide binding.  Enough to bind a queen size quilt!  I have made several different width’s of binding with different size squares of fabric. A 30 inch square of fabric and a 2 inch width will equal 12.5 yards!  Which is much more than I will need for my current project - but won’t it be nice to have that extra binding prepared for a future project?  Also, the black fabric that I am using has a small leaf in light gray - so hopefully, it won’t completely disappear when hanging at the quilt show with black drapes.

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