Labors of Love

Sep 1, 2014

Labor Day -  Today, I will spend a little time on each of my projects, My Double Happy!

I am very grateful that I have work that I enjoy and have so many friends that have helped me to have success. 

My neighbor Gail has been helping me cut patterns for cutting the glass; then helps to grind or smooth the edges to make the glass fit the patterns. A most important step.

I am thankful for Leah Day who has helped spread the word about my “No Sewing Until You Quilt It” technique, - a technique that I developed because I wanted to do some of my original glass designs in fabric.  By building a quilt as I build a window - on top of my drawing with French Fuse over my drawing - but, turning the fabric edges!

I will work on my glass project now, and this evening will watching a funny movie while working on my binding.


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