Rose Window as a quilt.

Oct 19, 2015

I prepared a smaller drawing of this 12 foot wide Rose Window for an approximately 60 inch quilted wall hanging. After I numbered and color coded each section I took digital images.  This will help me to identify each piece for placement; as when you are building, the seam allowances begin to hide the numbers.

Remember, I add seam allowances to every pattern piece with my Magic Button.

I will not be using black bias tape between the pieces as in many stained glass quilts.  In real stained glass the lead lines hold the glass pieces together, and allow the beautiful colors to shine through; the lines are secondary. In my quilts I do not like all that black - “it is too in your face”. 

However, I will be using some 1/4 inch wide gold pieces of turned edge fabric, to emphasis the intersecting arches. Also, there will be a blue black to separate the 9 sections of the window. I will depend on contrast in color and texture to define each turned edge piece.

I did start to build this quilt at the Asheville Quilt Show October 2-4, 2015. 

I am now in Cairo, Egypt and will do some work on this quilt on my daughter’s dinning room table.

So, you can see that you can fold it all up and put in your suitcase.

Have quilt will travel - no sewing machine required to build your quilt top!

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