It was a happy Cinco de Mayo day.

May 6, 2015

I purchased a new Prius. After driving a van around most of my adult life, I wanted a smaller car. We are keeping the van for when I need to haul all the family and or “stuff”, but this is fun and saving gas is appealing to me.  It has enough room for me to haul a few suitcases and up to 5 people. Perfect!

I need a bike rack for the back and I am ready for adventure!

I am considering racing strips...

I do work on some traditional piecing occasionally. I needed an everyday quilt for a queen bed and wanted it colorful. I used a Margaret Miller pattern - her A blocks from her book “easy pieces”. I made the blocks 12 1/2” and used my Magic Button to cut out the pattern pieces instead of using a ruler.  This method is not precise but it saved me time and I squared the blocks up anyway. Leftover stashes from my “Summer Magic” quit , the beige, yellow and oranges combined with my blue stash from Enchanted Evening were used and I added some red sashing to give your eyes a resting place, because it is pretty wild - but cheerful. Happy Day to you, too.

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