Stitching and quilting at the same time

Jun 23, 2015

I am making this 60” square quilt in 2 units - so it will be easier to manipulated on my home 440 Bernina with a 1.6 wide zigzag stitch around all the pieces with Invisible Threadon top. I used 505 spray baste to assemble the quilt sandwich.   I trimmed the excess around the unit, then with a running stitch I stitched 1/2 inch around the perimeter to help keep the unit together. Then, I began with a 1.6 zig zag around the arches to anchor everything. Now, I am coming 

down the stems with all the buds. You can see that there is no sewing in it yet. - so it is easy to lift a piece off and position it better, if need be. Just use a little more glue stick to hold in place. Also, the sewing stiletto helps to hold down points when you need to.

You can use a straight stitch to go around all the pieces - but, I am having vision problems - so working with a zigzag stitch , -gives me a better chance of holding the pieces down and it looks more like an applique stitch.  Happy quilting!

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