Use good quality fabric for use in bed quilts

Jul 11, 2015

This log cabin quilt was one of my first quilts, in 1994. I tied it, as many old quilts were held together. 

I called it: “A Light in the Window for the Underground Railroad”. There were stories that a quilt with a black center square, when hung on a wash line, served as signal on the underground railroard- that it indicated a safe house.

Traditionally a Log Cabin quilt with a yellow center represented a light in the window - so this quilt has both yellow or gold and black center squares.

It was used as a wall hanging and as a bed quilt for many years, and it was washed many times. - Unfortunately, most of the black fabric in the quilt was not of good quality and has been shredding.

I just finished doing some patching over the worst of it and I will not do any more - we should work on what satisfies! This quilt may still have some value as a wall hanging.  I had thought to give it to a homeless shelter, but have stored it away in hopes another use will present itself.

The lesson to learn is to use good quality fabric in bed quilts.

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