Last few pieces in 2nd half of this quilt

Sep 25, 2015


I just finished building the 2nd half of this quilt, with turned edges and NO sewing in it, yet. 

My husband helped me to layer the quilt sandwich. I used  505 Spray Baste. I wore a dust mask to prevent from breathing in the sticky stuff - protect your lungs. It is helpful to have a second pair of hands to  position the layers.

I trimmed away the extra backing and batting.

Now, I am ready to machine baste an edge about 2 inches from the bottom of this half. I will not stitch and quilt that 2’ strip until I am ready to join the units. (More on how I join the units, later.) I will also use a long machine running stitch

about 1/2 inch from the other 3 outside edges to help keep the layers together while manipulating the quilt to do all the stitching and quilting at the same time. It is good to be making progress. My September 23rd deadline is fast approaching. Happy Quilting!

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