Take turns sitting and standing.

Apr 20, 2016

Taking care of your eyes and body are so important.

I enjoy having 2 projects going; One to sit at my machine and a project to build a quilt where I stand at my worktable.

I will set a timer in my kitchen for 30 to 35 minutes for working at my machine.  When the timer rings I have to get up to turn it off; while I am up I may empty or reload the dishwasher. Set the timer again, sit and stitch for 30 more minutes.  Timer rings - it is time to get up again - this time I may decide to stand and work on building a quilt for an hour.

The timer helps me to get started sometimes - -if it is a real hectic day - I say to myself - I deserve 30 minutes to work on my project - even if that is the only 30 minutes that I can carve out of my busy day!

More on my new project later.  Happy Quilting!

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