Thread painting words of Hope

Jul 12, 2016

  My Rose window quilt is almost completed.  The binding is even on and stitched under.  I wanted to fill my corners of the quilt with words of hope.  I used a large compass to mark a circle with chalk for placement.  I printed out my letters from the computer and then enlarged them a bit more. The straight lettering would have to curve around the perimeter. I drew a straight line at the top of the word, then another straight line 1/4 inch above that.   Then I cut the paper to the top of the 1st line and between each letter, to fan out the word. After pinning in place, I used a free motion foot and black thread with small stitches to outline the letters.  Pulled of the paper; and put metallic gold thread on top with a cotton gold thread in the bobbin. Now I am filling in the letters with a zig zag stitch with my free motion foot.  You can vary the stitch width , increasing and decreasing as the letter gets wider or more narrow.

Love, Peace, Joy and Hope!

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