Learn from my mistake

Mar 6, 2017

What was I thinking!  I made more work for myself and Rachel than was needed on this project!  Cygnus was made in 3 sections.  My whole philosophy is to save time - remember my “Why am I sewing this twice” question?  We make the quit sandwich before any stitching and quilting happens. Well, I goofed this time; for some reason I was thinking the center medallion would be easier to line up without the quilt backing!  Wrong!! I should have included the quilt backing material on the center and do a row of basting around the perimeter about 2 inches” and leave that edge free of stitching and quilting to turn later.  I did do something right though - I used a freezer paper pattern of the circle ironed to the front of the medallion that we built with no sewing in it, to turn a nice edge for lining up the sections for pinning together, then we attached the medallion with a zigzag stitch and invisible thread to the top ( Before attaching the units the quilt backing fabric of the medallion could have simply been pinned back out of the way for stitching - then smoothed out flat  - do the stitching and quilting at the same time up to the 2 inch margin, then turn the edge, pin to match the stitching line where medallion joins the units and then finish stitching and quilting at the same time in the perimeter edge with reversed threads - working on the back to stitch down with the backing color thread on top and invisible in the bobbin!  So, If you are planning a medallion quilt - please learn from my mistake.

I can only plead that I was not thinking clearly and in too much of a hurry - there is a PA Dutch expression : “The hurrier I go, the be hinder I get!”

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