Recovering from 2nd Knee Replacement

Jun 21, 2017

I am thankful that I am not a 4 legged animal! The first week after surgery is miserable - if you have to move.  Sitting with ice on your knee - reading, or watching TV is not too bad - as the pain meds make you sleepy. But you must move - if not to use the bathroom but to gain some flexion in your knee. Oh Boy - that does hurt!  No pain - No gain? - I wonder, if the swelling should not go down before trying to force it to move? I am in favor of smaller movements - easy goes it.. At any rate, progress on “Happy in the Mountains” has slowed down again; but we keep inching toward our goal. Here are 3 sandwiched sections with NO sewing in them yet. and our latest You Tube video Step #10:

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