Ann’s book:


Included in the book is a CD.

The CD contains all 7 patterns for you to enlarge to full size. Each project is designed to advance you very quickly from beginner to 2 queen sized quilts.

1st project: “Tulip with Heart”

3rd project:” Let Peace be our Compass”

2nd project:” Holiday Rose”

4th Project: “Spring Landscape”

5th Project: “Oriental iris Triptych” - includes how to join the triptych in the binding to create the look of a screen.

6th Project:

“Bloom Where You Are Planted”

This 90 inch square quilt is made in 7 units, with no sewing.

Then the units are stitched and quilted at the same time, which are easy to manage on a home sewing machine. Instructions are giving for joining the units, all by machine - no hand sewing involved - with a very flat feel.

7th project: “Summer’s End” 

Cover quilt, 90 inches square made in 5 units- 

this one was given to a long arm quilter - there was NO sewing in it but 4 long seams that joined the units. Then it was stitched and quilted at the same time.