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 In the United States I use Priority Mail.  For shipping economy, it is a better value to buy the value packages, or the 3 yard package of French Fuse.

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     Internationally the cost is getting more expensive.  Typically, it is from $10 to $20 more than the US postage collected at the time of the order. It depends how much the package weighs and of course where it is going. It requires me to take it in to the post office.  I will  send a photo of the  Post Office receipt and request the remaining balance  to be sent to my Pay Pal account  by email.

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Ann’s Book “No Sewing Until You Quilt It,”

3 yards x 60” French Fuse, 28mm OLFA Rotary Cutter, Ann’s Magic ROSE Button, 18mm OLFA Rotary Cutter, Ann's Magic ROSE Button

Sealing Iron, a Sewer’s Stiletto, a glue stick, PLUS a free surprise pattern!

French Fuse  60” wide

Book Value Package

1 yard French Fuse

and a FREE Magic Button!



Use Ann's Magic Rose Button on

both the 28mm and the 18mm

OLFA rotary cutters to add seam allowances when you roll the button along the edge of pattern.

For tiny applique pieces use the 18 mm rotary cutter for all the other pieces use the 28mm

rotary cutter.

Ann’s Magic Button is designed to fit this size cutter.



18 mm OLFA Rotary Cutter

Ann’s Magic Button 2.0 is designed to fit this size cutter.


Would you like extra buttons for your friends or quilt group? Extra buttons ship for free when added to your order!

Extra Magic Buttons

Replacement Blades for OLFA Rotary Cutters

28mm Replacement Blades

2 pack: $8.99

5 pack: Sold out

18mm Replacement Blades

2 pack: $7.99


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28mm Replacement Blades

Watch Ann's Youtube channel: No Sewing Until You Quilt It for these and other projects.

Autographed Book

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