Ann Holmes Studios ~ Lectures and Workshops

Ann is no longer traveling for workshops. Please enjoy her free YouTube videos on her

No Sewing Until You Quilt It

YouTube channel.

“Oriental Bullseye” 6 hour workshop

Even small detail is possible with new 

Magic Button 2.0

see Ann’s online store.

Ann’s offers 3 hour and 6 hour workshops

French Fuse Appliqué –

“No Sewing Until You Quilt It!”

     Using Ann’s Magic Button you will add seam allowances to every pattern piece. French Fuse is used as a foundation to “build” your quilt top applique style, using glue stick to turn-under the seam allowances and a sealing iron to fuse down.  There is no sewing until after you make your “quilt sandwich”.  Then, Ann quilts and stitches at the same time using the free motion or darning foot.  Ann is available to come to your guild, retreat or group to demonstrate her technique. 

There are 2 parts to her technique:

            -1st part- to build the quilt top, with no sewing.

Most of the class time is spent building your project.

Do not bring sewing machines to 3 hour classes. Ann will show a video to demonstrate 2nd part- stitching and quilting at the same time.

Most 6 hour classes, like Oriental Bullseye (above & below) allow time for machine work.


Pictures below detailing the French Fuse Appliqué  or “No Sewing Until You Quilt It” technique are given below:

Building the quilt top.

See a video of Ann demonstrating her quilting technique at the Des Moines AQS Quilt Show:

Edit your work without ripping out seams. These are pulled off pieces that I didn’t like. Since the technique is “no sew”, there are no seams to rip out.

Finished quilt top with no sewing in it.

Your top is now ready to be sandwiched with the batting and backing. Then, you will be ready to stitch and quilt at the same time with a free motion foot.

3 hour workshops (only offered on the same day as the lecture)

8 x 11 inches: all shown with no sewing:

       Rhododendron bud

       Colorful Leaf

       Hummer with Trumpet Flower

       Woodland Trillium.

6 Hour workshops on 2nd day.

15 inch squares:

    Midnight or Holiday Rose

    Fiesta Rose

    Dove of Peace


    Oriental Bulls Eye

        (as shown above is 11x17)

Summer’s End Block (17”)

Sunflower  (16 x 32” )

     Angel of Glad Tidings (11 x 24)

Contact Ann about workshops for retreats: