Stitch and Quilt at the same time!

Here is how - a short video demo.

How do I quilt this thing?   No need to pull out your hair!

It can be accomplished on a long arm,  or on your home sewing machine.

Stitch and Quilt at the same time is easy -even for beginning quilters.  When you finish a traditional quilt top -you think - How am I going to quilt this? 

With “No Sewing Until You Quilt It” - the decision is made - you have to stitch around the individual pieces that are on top, this is like stitching in the ditch (only on top) to make your design POP; then simply echo quilt each shape, or use your imagination to create other designs to fill the spaces.

     After building my quilt top with NO sewing; I use 505 Spray and Fix to make the quilt sandwich. 

I use invisible thread on top with 40 wt. Rayon in bobbin. Use your free motion foot with either a straight stitch or small zig zag (1.5 or 1.6 width). Note: most invisible thread is size.004 - if your machine has a problem with it - try a .005 size. Coats and Clark makes one. Follow your machine manuals  advice on adjusting tension. I lower or reduce the top tension.

The Stitching video is on this washable King size bed quilt, using invisible thread.      

        See Ann’s article “Making Big Quilts in Manageable Units” on the web at American 

January 2015 issue. See applique rulers for Long arm at bottom of this page.

Stitch and quilt with Long Arm

machine using  applique rulers that slide onto the hoping foot to effortlessly glide along the turned edges. Notice that your hands are NOT up in the air but hands  are on the fabric for better control.